Smart Access & Attendance Monitoring

Capture time and attendance and update it in real-time to the cloud. Reduce check-in time of guests and suppliers at entrances from minutes to seconds. Eliminate the need to present paper-based health and identification documents in favor of an authenticated transactional QR code that includes appointment or reservation details.

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Seamlessly Manage Access to Spaces

Digitize Doors and Entrances

Embedded with four control actuators for any type of door, AIM1-ACCESS can provide full, temporary, and/or scheduled access to restricted or leased rooms and spaces depending on the occupants' access level.

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The AIM1-ACCESS+ is bundled with a perpetually FREE backup data service so in case the WiFi service goes down, a GSM failover can automatically route ingress transactions via a secure and encrypted channel. 

Ingress Automation

Experience Frictionless Entrances

Cut check-in time in gates and entrances by 90%. Replace paper or digital forms with a transaction-based QR code that can be assigned termporarily or permanently to customers, guests and employees. Associate validity of vaccination, test results and appointments through the same QR code.

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Borderless Biometric Time-and-Attendance

Punch In and Out Anywhere

Register their fingerprint once then capture employee time and attendance from any location where an AIM1-ACCESS+ is present. 

Authorize and revoke fingerprint profiles without going to the actual device to reprogram it.


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FPM-120 (Up to 120-Users)

Fingerprint Module 120

Complement QR code identification with biometric fingerprint confirmation for borderless two-factor authentication for a distributed and roaming workforce of less than 120 employees. 

FPM-1500 (Up to 1500-Users)

Fingerprint Module 1500

For larger size organizations, the FPM-1500 provides the same features and functionalities as the FPM-120 but with a larger template capacity. 

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Real-Time People Counting

Manage Building Occupancy

Guarantee safe and worry-free occupancy in all the spaces where you receive customers and guests by counting and publishing the number of people inside them in real-time.

Manage building occupancy through a console that maps each floor and visualizes the presence of occupants through overlayed floor plans.

Secure Data Logger

Protect Sensitive Data Offline & Online

When your wifi network goes down, AIM1-ACCESS is equipped with a FREE GSM data service as a backup link. In case the cellular network is not available the system can store days of attendance records and guest access transactions. Once the network becomes online, all data is securely transmitted to the cloud.

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Access Control API Service

Integrate with 3rd-Party BMS

Extend the capabilities of the AIM1-ACCESS+ by connecting it to existing building management systems. An easy-to-implement API service is made available so that developers and integrators can take advantage of the AIM1's unique capabilities.

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Technical Specifications

IoT Wifi Microcontroller: 

Cloud Connectivity: 


Presence Detection:

Visual Interface

Power Supply

Dual-Core, 240 Mhz, WIFI/BT 4.2 

2G Module, Optional 4G/3G or NBIoT

FPM-100* (ACCESS Only)

Time-of-Flight Sensor

TFT Color Screen

110/220VAC, 5V 1.5 Amps

Embedded Bio Sensors

Ingress Authenticator:

Data Logging:

Optional Modules:

External Interfaces:

Software Functions:

4x4 IR Body Temperature (ACCESS+ Only)

QR and Barcode Reader Module (ACCESS+ Only)

4 x128KB EEPROM, RTC with Backup Battery

FPM120, FPM-1500 (ACCESS+ Only)

Latching Relay, 4 MOSFET Relays, RS232 Port, 2x IO's

Real-Time Attendance & Document Verification