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All-In-One Mobile Connectivity and Fleet Management

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Indoor/Outdoor Tracking

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Driver Safety &

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Delivery Management

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Cellular Data Connectivity


Mobile Gateway and GPS Tracking Hardware

Through biometrics and task automation employees can automatically record milestones and accomplishments to form an immutable and verifiable work record that can be used as a basis for commendation, promotion, reward, pay increase, or job hiring.

Xeleqt is a smartphone application that serves as an employee's digital portal to manage wages, work requests, workplace access as well as performance tracking and documentation. 

Mobile Gateway and GPS Tracking Hardware

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A One-Stop Solution for Streamlining Field Tasks

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Field Task Timer and Details

Streamlining Your Field Tasks with Expert Timing

Utilizing a field task timer within an app can streamline the vehicle installation process by allowing installers to track progress and set reminders for each task. This feature helps ensure timely completion of each step and eliminates the possibility of missing any steps, leading to efficient and effective installation.

Field Task List

Optimizing Productivity and Efficiency with a Field Task List App

A field task list app simplifies vehicle installation projects by enabling installers to monitor progress, track completed tasks, and organize and prioritize tasks according to deadlines, ensuring timely completion of important tasks.

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Field Task / Create Task

Streamlining Field Tasks with Customization Features in an App

Customized field tasks with features like deadline, task name, description, customer, and attachment significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of vehicle installation projects. The task name and description features enable detailed task information, leading to a more efficient installation process.

Manage Your Employee Logistics with Our GPS-Powered Device

GPS-powered app designed for ease and convenience

Enhance UX with Location Services

Xeleqt GPS-powered driver app simplifies navigation with intuitive, user-friendly directions for easy driving, even in unfamiliar cities or heavy traffic. Real-time traffic updates, alternative route suggestions, and voice-activated commands make for a hassle-free driving experience, making our app the perfect companion for all drivers, regardless of experience.

Streamline your employee logistics with our GPS-powered app

Efficient Employee Logistics with GPS

Xeleqt GPS-powered employee app provides real-time tracking and automated route planning to optimize your employees' movements and reduce downtime. With job scheduling, real-time traffic updates, and an intuitive user interface, managing a fleet of vehicles or coordinating field workers has never been easier. Our app streamlines logistics and increases productivity, making it the ideal tool for any organization.

Track Your Deliveries in Real-Time

Real-Time Delivery Tracking

provides a public gateway for customers to track their deliveries in real-time, allowing them to plan and prepare for their arrival. In addition to GPS tracking, this app can offer a user-friendly interface, delivery notifications, and live updates to improve customer experience and increase transparency.

Advantages of Using a GPS Product for Navigation and Tracking

Mobility Analytics Dashboard:

A Comprehensive Overview

Gain insights, stay ahead. Our Mobility Analytics Dashboard provides data-driven trends for informed decision-making and strategy optimization.

Fuel Analytics for Fleet Efficiency

Insightful Fuel Management.

Fuel Analytics for Fleet Efficiency enables data-driven decision-making, maximizing fuel savings and operational performance in fleet management.

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Real-Time Mobility Management 

Visible Efficiency in Transportation Operations

A mobility console routes and tracks transportation assets in real-time, enhancing efficiency and visibility in mobility management.

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