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Making Your Workspace Visible and Controllable


Real-time Environment Information

Real-time Environment Information provides continuous monitoring of workplace air quality, running 24/7 without requiring the asset to be moved, and delivering alerts and notifications when air quality falls below safe levels, with all data stored and accessible through cloud-connected reporting and information systems.

Cumbersome Equipment

Cumbersome Equipment makes it challenging to move and set up sensors, lacking real-time data transmission and cloud connectivity, with no alerts or notifications available, leading to delays and increased risk of missing critical information.

Ensuring Safe and Productive Work Environments: Compliance, Monitoring, and Prevention

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Maintaining Compliance: Work Environment Monitoring Standards

Compliance with Monitoring Standards for Safe and Healthy Workplace, involving employees fosters safety culture and improves productivity, ensuring legal obligations are met.

Creating a Productive Workplace Environment for Employees

Providing a safe, healthy, and comfortable workspace by monitoring potential hazards and complying with legal standards can help employees work at their best. Prioritizing employee well-being creates a positive work culture that fosters productivity and attracts and retains top talent.

AI Vision Safety: Identifying Key Concerns

Identifying key safety concerns with AI vision can help to ensure that the technology is used in a safe and effective manner. By proactively addressing potential risks and challenges, businesses can harness the power of AI vision to improve workplace safety and security.

Proactive Measures for Accident Prevention and Issue Resolution

AI-powered devices can revolutionize workplace safety by identifying potential hazards and alerting workers before accidents occur. With advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis, these devices improve overall safety and productivity.

Revolutionizing Workspaces with Intelligent Features for Enhanced Productivity

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Dashboard Console

The Aware dashboard console for workspace intelligence includes air quality monitoring, providing businesses with real-time data on indoor air quality, enabling them to identify potential health risks, mitigate workplace hazards, and promote a healthier work environment for their employees.

Device List

The device list feature in the Aware dashboard console for workspace intelligence provides businesses with a comprehensive list of all air quality monitoring devices installed in their workspace, allowing them to monitor and manage their indoor air quality data in real-time, ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for their employees.

Threshold Setting

Enables businesses to set specific air quality thresholds for their workspace, triggering alerts and notifications when thresholds are exceeded, allowing them to take immediate action

Floor Plan

The floor plan feature in the Aware dashboard console for workspace intelligence provides businesses with a visual representation of their workspace, including real-time data on air quality levels across different areas, enabling them to identify potential problem areas, take corrective action, and optimize their workspace design for better indoor air quality.


provides users with a comprehensive overview of air quality, including real-time data on pollutants and other environmental factors, to help ensure a safe and healthy workspace.


constantly updates and displays accurate readings of air quality parameters such as PM2.5, VOCs, and CO2 levels, providing users with valuable insights to improve their indoor environment.

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