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Manage Your Agents and Their Engagements


AI-enabled sales


Dated sales systems

AI-enabled sales use phone-app integration, emerging technologies like UWB, and digitized sales to improve tracking accuracy and assist sales operations, providing a more streamlined process for tracking sales and customer data.


Outdated sales systems with paper and logbooks are problematic as they make it hard to track agent movements, consolidate reports, and are susceptible to fraud.


Streamline Your Sales Process with Automated Tools


Understand your sales pipeline better than before

Xeleqt's user-friendly interface provides a quick and easy way to visualize your sales pipeline, enabling you to track the progress of your deals and forecast your sales revenue with greater accuracy. With Xeleqt, you can gain a deeper insight into your sales pipeline and take proactive steps to maximize your sales potential.


 Monitor you field agents and their activities

With Xeleqt's location tracking and activity monitoring features, you can keep a close eye on your field agents and their activities, allowing you to track their location, monitor the tasks they're performing, and gain valuable insights into the customers they're servicing.

Keep track of the health and status of all your deals

With Xeleqt, you can easily keep track of the health and status of all your deals, while avoiding the risk of "deal-rotting" - a term used to describe deals that are not actively engaged with and may become inactive. Xeleqt provides tools to help you constantly engage with your deals and keep them healthy and active, ensuring that you stay on top of your sales pipeline at all times.

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Monitor you sales agents and their activities

Xeleqt enables you to monitor your sales agents and their activities, providing you with location tracking capabilities and the ability to see what tasks they are performing and which customers they are servicing, giving you valuable insights into their performance and ensuring that your team is working efficiently towards meeting your sales goals.

Streamline Your Sales Process with Automated Tools

Project Management

Provides businesses with a comprehensive tool to manage their projects, track their progress, and collaborate with their teams.

This will enable them to improve their project outcomes, streamline their processes, and enhance their customer experience.

Pipeline Management

Provides businesses with a centralized tool to manage their sales pipeline, monitor their opportunities, and analyze their sales performance, enabling them to make data-driven decisions, optimize their sales processes, and improve their revenue growth.


Task Management

The task management feature in Salesforce automation provides businesses with a powerful tool to manage their tasks, prioritize their activities, and collaborate with their teams, enabling them to improve their productivity, streamline their workflows, and deliver superior customer service.

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