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Automate on the Field and at the Office

Digital Field Operations


Digital Field Operations leverage advanced technologies such as UWB and Apple Airtag integration to provide better outdoor tracking, ensuring that remote workers and their assets are never lost, while enabling enhanced tracking and monitoring capabilities for both personnel and materials.


Analog Field Operations

Analog Field Operations lack tracking capabilities, making them vulnerable to fraud and susceptible to bad actors who can act with impunity once out in the field, since there is no way to monitor or control their activities.


Automate on the Field and at the Office

Efficient Field Job Management through Paperless Dispatching

Xeleqt's paperless dispatching solution enables efficient management of field jobs by providing a consolidated platform for job orders and real-time updates, eliminating paperwork, and streamlining communication between dispatchers and field technicians.

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Real-Time Monitoring of Field Agents and Activities

Real-time monitoring of field agents and activities, including location tracking and activity reporting, provides valuable data for operational optimization, enabling companies to make informed decisions that improve service quality, increase efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Reducing Office Workloads for Enhanced Productivity

By reducing office workloads, companies can respond to customer and field agent requests faster, improve team management, and boost overall productivity, allowing employees to focus on higher-priority tasks that drive business growth.

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Streamlining Business

By streamlining business operations through FOR CONFIRMATION, companies can efficiently manage and track job order billing, inventory, and other critical business processes, enhancing accuracy, reducing costs, and improving overall efficiency.

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