Xeleqt Agility for Team Leaders & Managers

Workforce Management at Your Fingertips

Get full visibility and access to your distributed workforce. Approve requests on the fly to meet the needs of your workers.  More importantly, get real-time task updates from multiple teams across your organization wherever they are. 

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Authorize Leave and Fund Requests Remotely

Remove Delays in Authorizing Requests

Digitizing the HR back-office dispenses the awkward encounter of declining a personal cash advance or leave request. It also accelerates the disposition of urgent ones by removing red tape and the manual filing of paper-based forms

Xeleqt Agility makes it easy for managers and team leaders to track the leave allocations and cash advance accounts of employees so that deciding on requests is very straightforward. 

Assign Tasks to Distributed Teams

And Get Live Updates from the Field

Giving your teams the ability to collaborate on tasks and update each other using a simple but powerful interface can increase productivity by leaps and bounds.

Getting live updates across teams and departments for activities or tasks that matter to you and your customers can mean the difference between being profit and loss.

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Move Tasks Down a Pipeline

Visualize Progress Across Time

Xeleqt Agility allows managers and team leaders to monitor the progress of production or a sales process through a pipeline. Team members or a production crew can move task items along a process or schedule, alerting managers of the completion per stage or a bottleneck within stages.

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Manage time-and-attendance, send memos digitially, approve cash advances and schedule appointments and visits using our FREE Tier Service. We give you the option to stay FREE or upgrade to a paid service as you grow.

Make Time and Wage Disputes Non-Confrontational

Respond to Time Adjustment Requests

When you talk about tracking time in the workplace there is no perfect solution because humans tend to forget or neglect basic duties from time to time. Because of this, Xeleqt Agility enables workers to explain and request adjustments to their time records.

Based on established patterns and behaviors that the system tracks, managers can confidently make decisions on whether or not to approve adjustments without a need for confrontation.

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Work That Responds to Their Change

Even if your workforce thrives well by working on-site, there are occasions, like a natural calamity or health emergencies, when you need to morph your work arrangements on the fly. A totally pliable work arrangement that considers productivity and the pressing needs of workers through flexible time-tracking strategies is most favorable if you want to attract young talents.

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Automate and Personalize Wage Management

Disburse Earned Wages Anytime

Ultimately the outcome of any workforce activity is pay. Xeleqt Agility allows earned wages to be accessible to employees based on their individual performances. 

To make this possible wage calculations should therefore be automatic and updated in real-time.

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Reduce Payroll Preparation Time by 90%

Removing the Pain of Payroll

Collecting daily time records from multiple sites every payroll cycle can be a real pain in the neck. With the seamless integration of our AIM1 hardware and Agility software, payroll managers can reduce payroll preparation from days to minutes. Through the Agility Console's payroll insights engine and disbursement API's for banks, businesses can fully automate disbursements across many locations.