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Augmenting Workforce Operations 

Manage Time & Attendace, Track Productivity & Safety, Improve Results in the Field

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Simplify Workforce Operations Through Pre-Provisioned A.I. Boxes 

Through a fusion of machine-learning cameras and environmental sensors, our Workplace Visibility solution offers unparalleled price and performance to support the safety and productivity of your workforce.

Powered by advanced tracking and connectivity, our AI-enabled Workforce Mobility solution helps field workers to operate more transparently and get better outcomes whenever they are working with customers. 

Using advanced facial recognition, our Workforce Agility solution captures time and attendance faster and more accurately and can resolve hourly or daily wages automatically in the cloud.

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  • Hardware, Software & Data Services in One Box

  • Simple, Easy-to-Install Package

  • Obsolescence Protection

  • No IT Infrastructure Build-Up

  • OPEX instead of CAPEX

  • Self-Service Apps for All Kinds of Workers

  • Bundled Value-Added Services

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership


Why A.I. In A Box?


  • Rental AIM1 Edge-Computing Hardware

  • 3G/4G Data Connectivity up to 2 GB/Month

  • Cloud Storage and Database

  • Management Software Console

  • Supervisor/Manager App (IOS, Android)

  • Employee Self-Service App (IOS, Android)

  • Cloud Access and Storage (10 GB/Employee)

  • 5x8 Technical Support Services

  • Hardware Obsolescence Protection

  • HR Marketplace Services (Coming 2024)*

Xeleqt Mobile App is available for all devices

Android app on

Available on the

Reduce HR & IT Workloads

Streamlining Processes

Reducing HR and IT workloads involves streamlining processes and implementing efficient systems that automate tasks and eliminate repetitive manual work. With Xeleqt, HR and IT teams can focus on high-priority tasks that require their expertise and attention, such as strategic planning and problem-solving.

Increased Productivity
and Efficiency

Xeleqt not only reduces workload and stress for these teams but also leads to increased productivity and overall organizational efficiency. Additionally, reducing HR and IT workloads through technology and automation can also result in cost savings. 

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Operate Smarter in the Field

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Maximizing Fleet Efficiency

Enables organizations to operate smarter in the field by automating routine tasks, analyzing data in real-time, and optimizing fleet performance based on real-time insights.

Real-time Optimization

Involves utilizing advanced technology to track and monitor the performance of vehicles and drivers in real-time. By leveraging data insights and automation tools, fleet managers can optimize routing, reduce fuel consumption, and mitigate fraud and pilferage, resulting in increased operational efficiency and cost savings.

Get Better Sales Results

AI-Enabled Sales

Utilizing AIM1-Workforce-AI-IN-A-Box can help sales teams with managing their accounts, scheduling activities, moving their deals and driving better sales results.

Optimize Sales Process

With Xeleqt, you can revolutionize your company's sales strategy. Real-time sales activities, customer details, and pipeline management combined with AI, allow you to optimize sales, speed up deals and monitor sales representatives better.

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Enhance Your Team's Productivity & Safety

Boost Efficiency

Implementing streamlined processes, automation tools, and effective communication can help enhance team productivity and overall business performance.

Prioritize Safety

Get real-time Air Quality Insights using Xeleqt. Guarantee the safety and health of your employees in their workspaces.

Easily Locate & Communicate with Teams

Team Tracking

Utilize GPS tracking and communication technology to easily locate and stay in touch with team members, improving collaboration and synergy.

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Streamline Communication

Efficient and effective communication is key to business success. Utilizing technology and best practices can streamline communication and improve team coordination.

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