AIM1 : The Versatile AI Solution for Online and On-Site Transactions


LTE Cat NB1/M1 Communications Module

Real-time Tracking and Navigation

Narrowband Application Routing

110 to 220 VAC, 12 VDC Power Brick

Embedded Security Chip

Wire-Cut Tamper Detection

Bluetooth Eddystone or iBeacon Function

1-Wire, CAN-Bus, RS232 External Interfaces


230 GOPS Machine Vision Engine

80 x 32 Pixel Infrared Thermal Sensor

Time-of-Flight Distance Measurement Tool

2 Megapixel Camera

Stereo Speakers and Digital Microphones

NFC Reader / Writer Module

1.8" LCD Resistive Touch Display

8-LED Array / GPIOs


It's not enough to provide an online alternative for your customers to purchase your products and services. Xeleqt provides a safe and sustainable hybrid of online and on-site business transactions that is needed to generate enough economic activity for your business to cover its costs and, more importantly, earn a profit.

Food Chains & Restaurants

Providing a better way of food service where customers can choose from an app-based menu that works both online and on-site. 

Delivering a better and safer dine-in experience for customers by autonomously checking their temperature and logging their presence in the cloud without any human intervention.

Automatically queueing orders both online and on-site and providing full visibility to customers as to the status, availability and integrity of the food preparations.

Grocery & Supermarkets

Enhancing the online or on-site grocery experience through the help of our professional retail assistants.

Making it possible for patrons to shop on-site with peace-of-mind by logging everyone's presence and monitoring social distancing within the premises using the Xeleqt app, SafeBand, and a specially developed card that checks-in customers at a one-meter safe distance. 

Tracking and directing grocery carts indoors and providing access to updated prices to reduce the shopping time of customers and manage the number of people shopping at the same time.

Service-Oriented Establishments

Eliminating lines outside commercial establishments and reducing queueing time by half through an online appointment system that prepares you for every customer coming in.

Eliminating the awkward experience of being interrogated by a guard for private information that only increases the possibility of infection because of a full-contact process that immediately negates social distancing protocols.

Improving the flow of traffic indoors and outdoors and gamifying contact-tracing through a long-range RFID QCard that logs the last ten (10) locations visited and the associated transactions that were done, while accumulating points for compliance.


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