Prevent app fatigue. Promote customer health and well-being by placing all their concerns in one app.

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A Single Cloud for Essentials Business

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Provide transparency to your business's entire retail value chain to help customers who are concerned with the quality and safety of the products they order online.

An App for Your Customers' Lifestyle

Aggregate all your customers' concerns into one super application that incorporates food and supplies, logistics and transportation in the new normal.

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A Safer Service for Food & Supplies

Ensuring your food and supply deliveries are safe by embedding steps inside the app for health checks, social distancing, and germicidal cleansing.

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A Faster Way to Move Goods

Delivering parcels and cargo as fast and as low touch as possible by automating many of the functions that cause bottlenecks to your deliveries.

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A Sustainable Solution to Manage Rides

Organize safer transport that facilitates online queueing, seat reservations, and real-time vehicle updates for your customers or employees.

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