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Safe and Smart Indoor Occupancy

Reduce check-in time at entrances by 5 seconds. Eliminate the need to present paper-based health and identification documents in favor of an authenticated transactional QR code that includes appointment or reservation details.

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Technical Specifications


Cloud Connectivity: 

Ingress Authentication:

Presence Detection:

Visual Interface

Electric Power

Dual-Core Wif/BT Microcontroller

Optional 4G/3G or NBIoT

Options for QR, NFC, Fingerprint

2D LIDAR, Optional Camera

TFT Color Screen

110/220VAC, 5V/6.6V, 4 Amps

Embedded Sensors: 

Embedded Bio Sensors

Ingress Authenticator:

Optional Sensors: 

Optional Modules:

Software Functions:

CO2, VOC, Temperature, Humidity Particulate Matter

4x4 IR Body Temperature, Pulse Rate/Oxygen

QR and Barcode Reader Module, Optional Fingerprint

ECG, Blood Pressure, Formaldehyde, Ozone

AI Camera, VOIP/Occupancy Remote, RFID, Door-Lock

NLP Voice Command, OCR & Image Segmentation

Air Quality Radar, Pathogenic Load Prediction

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AIM1 Bio LSide.png

On-Site Information Service

Enabling Better Indoor Experiences

Provide access to information and directions the moment customers and guests step into your premises. Promote the safety of your spaces by broadcasting air quality and pathogenic load data to occupants.

Secure Biometric Fingerprinting

Ensuring Data Privacy

Acquire employee and guest biometric data such as body temperature, pulse rate, oxygen level, and fingerprint identity through a secure and fully encrypted data service that can be federated both in the cloud and on-premise.

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AIM1-BIO-W Sideview.png

Real-Time People Counting

Controlling Over-Crowding

Guarantee safe and worry-free occupancy in all the spaces where you receive customers and guests by counting and publishing the number of people inside them in real-time.

Digitized On-Site Transactions

Increase In-Store Foot Traffic

Electronically receive drive-through, pick-up, and dine-in orders and provide full visibility to customers as to the status, availability, and integrity of their ordered goods.

Increase Commercial Foot Traffic

1,000,000 CHECK-INS DAILY BY Q2 2022

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Control of Air & Surface Cleaning Assets

Protecting Occupied Spaces

Manage multiple infection control devices called Airshields using a stand-alone wifi mesh network. Actuate air and surface cleaning operations when an environmental anomaly is detected. 

Secure Sentry Service

Limit Access to Private Areas

Protect private spaces from intruders or wandering guests using AIM1's embedded door-locking mechanism. Enable sentry mode after business hours to protect the inventory and assets of your business.

Electronic Health Station

Manage Health Remotely

Promote a healthy working environment by tracking the health markers of each employee. Allow quarantined workers to check in their health status remotely to facilitate what we call active care.

AI-Driven Environmental Controls

Smarter Living & Working Spaces

Monitor the build-up of hazardous substances in the air. Actuate HVAC and airflow control systems such as the Crossflow air exchange system whenever CO2 levels increase beyond mandated limits.

Bio-Intelligence Analytics

Control Infections Intelligently

Acquire business intelligence for better decision-making about how to sustainably protect and engage people in your workplace or venues of transaction. Assess potential threats and bio-security holes in your physical spaces. 

Advanced Communications

Embed Data & Voice Service

Augment your on-site services with data and voice for better engagements. Provide visual and auditory hints, warnings, and directions in every part of your building. Enable voice-over-IP communications with your helpdesk, front-office staff, and security teams.

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Expansion Modules

Extend the Capabilities of AIM1

Address future needs by simply adding expansion modules and remotes to your basic AIM1-BIO-W gateway. Incorporate indoor geo-information anchors, AI-enabled vision remotes, and occupancy sensors to open new opportunities to digitize your physical spaces.