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Give Your On-Site Business a Boost.


Community Engagement

Send and receive remote data transactions securely and privately without the complexity and cost of hiring security experts.

Office Digi-Presence

Reduce mobile data consumption using a lightweight messaging protocol that works even at the fringe of the cellular network.

Church Ingress Management

Enhance user experience by overlaying safety alerts, object and sign detection and real-time traffic data.

Clinic Appointments

Visualize navigation context and improve forecast predictions using artificial intelligence.

Dine-In and Drive-Through Ordering

Broadcast alerts and information to stakeholders to facilitate timely problem resolution.

Shuttle Seat Reservation

Leverage the power of cloud computing but continue to work without the constraints of internet connectivity.

Grocery and Supplies

Use only the cloud computing power you need but scale accordingly as your business demand rises.

Proxy Shopping

Exchange information using a publish/subscribe convention that enables applications to be aware of messaging status and context.

Cleaning Services

Integrate sensor and transaction data in a single IoT data stream that's fast, cost-effective and efficient.

Fix-It Services

Develop customized functions and features to fit your business workflows.

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