Synchronized Air Disinfection

The Airshield X1E is the first mesh networkable germicidal solution that combines upper room UVC irradiation and bipolar ionization with real-time environmental sensing to rid the air of infectious pathogens inside commercial buildings, large campuses, and high-occupancy establishments.

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Technical Specifications

Radiant Flux Per Projector: 

Total UVC Power: 

LED Life in Hours:


Total Current: 800 mA

Electric Power

84mW / 148mW*

252 mW/ 444mW*

25,000 Hours

265 - 280 nm

800 mA / 1000 mA

110/220VAC, 5V/6.6V, 4 Amps

Coverage Area: 

Operating Modes: 

Projection Angle:

Pan/Tilt Servo/s:

Bipolar Ion Emissions

Air Quality Sensors:

Network Setup:

30+ Square Meters

Deep Clean, Moderate, Protect Modes

25,000 Hours

Optional / 90 Degrees

200 Million Ions/Cubic-Cm/Second

Differential Pressure, VOC, Temperature, Humidity

Wifi Stand-Alone, Mesh Infrastructure Mode

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Pan and Tilt Servos

Air Purification with a Different Angle

Airshield X1E is also the first UVC-LED germicidal solution that can programmatically tilt downward and rotate 360 degrees to clean not only the air but the surfaces below. To protect people from accidental exposure, the device is equipped with two 64-zone motion and distance sensors.

UVC Performance Self-Test 

Ensuring Efficacy Over Time

The Airshield X1E is the first upper room UVC irradiation system that evaluates the intensity of its LEDs. A UVC sensor is embedded inside each projector to sample the energy emitted by the UVC LEDs using a proprietary focus reflector.

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Predictive Sensing Algorithm

Anticipating Threats in the Air

Each Airshield X1E is equipped with a CO2, temperature, humidity and volatile organic compound sensors to detect the build-up of harmful gases in the airflow. Connected to the AIM1, it is the first air purification system enabled with pathogenic and chemical load prediction to broadcast early warning alerts to occupants in the room.

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Predict Workplace Infections

In 1000 Spaces by Q2 2022

Modular Air Cleaning Elements

Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Through interchangeable modules, it is the first solution that provides customers the option to utilize Bipolar Ionization or Photocatalytic Oxidation as a secondary cleaning protocol to complement the UVC air and surface sanitation. 

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Airflow Analytics

Tracking the Movement of Air

The Airshield X1E is also first in employing airflow analytics by monitoring even the slightest movement of air in the room to gain insight on airborne infection patterns within buildings.