THE AIM1-AWARE Smart Environment IoT

Business Class IoT for the Health and Well-Being of Workers

Preventing sick building syndrome, in which acute health issues and chronic discomfort occur regularly in the workplace, is a must in ensuring a productive workforce. 

The  AIM1-AWARE is a modular indoor air quality gateway, wireless controller, and occupancy management device that delivers the most appropriate response to the sick building syndrome in a very compact and cost-effective form factor.

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Publish Air Quality to All Workers

Empower Employees to Assess Health Risks Indoors.

The chemistry of indoor air in open-plan office spaces is 10 to 20 times more polluted than outdoor air according to a study by a team of engineers at Purdue University.

AIM1-AWARE+ prevents health risks in the workplace through state-of-the-art real-time environmental monitoring and mitigation that utilizes sensors and actuators that have superior performance and very long-term stability.


However, key to the strategy of active mitigation is the publication of live IAQ information to office occupants.

Central Environmental Command Center

Smart Air Quality Management For Campuses & Buildings

Connect hundreds of AIM1-AWARE via a mesh network and manage air quality and occupancy through a mobile or desktop application called Xeleqt Aware.

In case of emergency, AIM1s can serve as Bluetooth location gateways to facilitate indoor direction-finding by overlaying building blueprints onto a scalable indoor grid.

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Programmatically Control & Automate AC Settings

Set Environmental Conditions Based on Rules and Schedules

AIM1-AWARE can manage and control an individual unit or group of air conditioning units in a building or campus using its infrared control receivers. Schedules and rules can be applied to customize settings per zone or group. For centralized HVAC solutions, a FREE API service is also made available for building management integrators and IT personnel.

Why Smart Indoor Air Management for the Workplace?

1. Poor IAQ Can Impact Cognitive Abilities and Productivity of Workers.


High concentrations of CO2 in the workplace can cause headaches, dizziness, confusion and loss of consciousness.


Poor air quality has been tied to fatigue, trouble concentrating and irritation of the eyes, nose and lungs. A Harvard study links productivity, indoor air quality and ventilation

2. Workers Are Concerned About Air Quality.

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According to a Honeywell survey 72% of workers worldwide worry about air quality in their buildings. 42% fear of getting COVID-19 at their workplace

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There is a 1.5 % decrease in performance per each additional 10% of workers dissatisfied with air quality

3. Managing Wellness and Health in the Workplace Helps the Bottomline.

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For every dollar spent on wellness, medical costs decrease by $3.27 and the cost of absenteeism by $2.73.  

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Engineering a healthy and mentally sound workforce results in better teamwork and cooperation. It increases employee morale & satisfaction and attracts new talents.

Commercial buildings with Indoor Air Quality systems are leased more frequently than those without. 

Real-Time People Counting

Control Against Over-Crowding

Guarantee safe and worry-free occupancy in all the spaces where you receive customers and guests by counting and publishing the number of people inside shared spaces in real-time.

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Respond to Unauthorized Presence

Using the time-of-flight sensor and the CO2 sensor, AIM1-AWARE+ can detect the presence of unauthorized personnel in restricted locations. Xeleqt offers a FREE sentry service that alerts business owners, on-site security and local authorities of a possible breach in their premises.


Bluetooth Proximity & Location Sensing

Knowing Who, When & Where 

Using Bluetooth ID tags or Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, businesses can track the presence and location of employees within their premises to be able to organize scheduled work activities and meetings better using an AR interface that visually points people in the right direction. 

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Protecting Occupied Spaces

Detect Microbial Threats in Realtime

We can not yet detect viruses in the air. But what we can do is detect its markers using advanced environmental sensors and a machine-learning algorithm to accurately predict possible viral load in the air in real time.

Manage multiple infection control devices called Airshields using a stand-alone wifi mesh network. Automatically actuate air and surface cleaning elements when an environmental anomaly is detected. 

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AI-Driven Environmental Controls

Smarter Working Spaces

AIM1-AWARE learns the preferences of occupants over time using a machine-learning model that understands the needs of room occupants by tracking their identity and associating it with their control inputs so that it can autonomously adjust environmental conditions to their preferences accordingly. 

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Technical Specifications

IoT WiFi Microcontroller: 

Cloud Connectivity: 

Presence Detection:

Visual Interface

Dual-Core 240 Mhz, WIFI/BT 4.2

Optional 4G/3G or NBIoT

Time-of-Flight Sensor

TFT Color Screen

IAQ Sensors: 

Optional Modules:

Software Functions:

Power Supply:

CO2, VOC, Temperature, Humidity Particulate Matter

Formaldehyde Sensor, Differential Pressure Sensor

Air Quality Index, Pathogenic Load Detection by Proxy

110/220VAC, 5V, 1.5 Amps