Embed Safety & Efficiency 

in Your Business


The world has forever changed because of the devastating effects of COVID19. AIM1 helps businesses cope with the challenges of keeping both their customers and essential workers safe as they interact with each other.


Xeleqt AIM1: AI of Moving Things

These days a new class of intelligent tracking and sensing devices is needed to ensure that the delivery of goods and services is not only efficient but also safe and sustainable. Xeleqt AIM1 showcases advanced data logging features, embedded health, and safety protocols, and sensor-networking capabilities never before found in a suite of fully-integrated, cross-functional hardware products.


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AIM1-4GW Enterprise IOT Gateway

The first-ever telematics gateway powered by indoor and outdoor location sensing, low-bandwidth applications gateway, and the SafePlace distancing beacon technology.


  1. Narrow Band or Broadband LTE

  2. WiFi Access Point

  3. SafePlace Presence Detection

  4. Wired / Wireless Sensor Management

  5. SubMeter Indoor Location Sensing 

  6. Outdoor GNSS Asset Tracking

  7. Xeleqt Aware Broadcast Messaging

  8. Optional Expansion Modules


  1. Fleet Management

  2. Indoor People and/or Asset Tracking

  3. Social Distancing

  4. Delivery and Logistics

  5. Remote Workforce Management

  6. Remote Time-and-Attendance


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AIM1-THVi Thermal Vision Gateway

Obtain an accurate count and measure the temperature of passengers that get on board mass transit vehicles using the AIM1’s Thermal Vision Gateway. Calculate and broadcast available seat capacities for buses, e-buses, coaches and other modes of transport.


  1. Wide Field-of-View Thermal Sensing

  2. Optional Advanced Driver Assistance System

  3. Optional Driver Management System

  4. Indoor and Outdoor Location Sensing

  5. Wireless Sensor Management

  6. SafePlace Presence Detection

  7. Low-Bandwidth Applications Routing

  8. Machine Vision Camera

  9. Optional Radar-Based Health Monitor

  10. Xeleqt Aware Broadcast Messaging


  1. Fleet Management

  2. People Counting

  3. Retail Store Applications Gateway

  4. Premise Security / Health Check

  5. Transport Booking and Seat Reservations

  6. Delivery and Logistics


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AIM1 SafeScan-S90/160

The front liners of the new normal are grocery staff, retail cashiers, service personnel, drivers, and gig-professionals who expose themselves to potential harm and danger while performing their essential tasks. SafeScan is a safety tool that helps these new heroes deliver goods and services safely and efficiently.


  1. 90 or 160-mW UVC Germicidal LED Array

  2. 2D Barcode Scanner

  3. NFC Reader 

  4. Optional Multi-Spectrum Material Sensor

  5. Optional Wide Field-of-View Thermal Sensor

  6. Optional Radar Heart Rate Monitor

  7. Optional Machine Vision Camera

  8. Embedded Xeleqt Service App

  9. WiFi/Bluetooth Wireless Module


  1. On-Demand Delivery

  2. Cashier Xeleqt Safe Check-Out 

  3. Yard / Warehouse Management

  4. Personnel Ingress Management

  5. People Counting

  6. Night Roving/Premise Security

  7. Third-Party Logistics

  8. Home Essentials Care


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AIM1 SafePlace Beacon-SB1

Using Bluetooth 5.1 indoor location functionalities and Eddystone EID beacon technology, the AIM1 SafePlace-BT Beacon allows businesses to implement social distancing, workplace mobility, seamless time-and-attendance, and in-premise asset tracking.


  1. Sub-meter indoor Locations Sensing

  2. SafePlace Presence Management

  3. SafePlace Social Distancing

  4. Bluetooth/Zigbee Mesh Sensor Networking

  5. Asset Tagging

  6. Xeleqt Aware Broadcast Messaging


  1. Warehouse Management

  2. Premise Security and Health Checks

  3. Indoor Asset and People Tracking

  4. Time-and-Attendance

  5. Asset / People Ingress Management

  6. Equipment Maintenance

  7. Asset Tagging and Ageing


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AIM-G1 Outdoor Gateway

Network multiple Bluetooth, Ultrawideband and UHF tags and sensors in campus or a yard and backhaul real-time data using a combination of 4G or WiFi mesh. 


  1. Modular IOT Outdoor Gateway

  2. Multi-Protocol Communications (LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, LORAWAN)

  3. Router / Firewall Module

  4. Optional NAS Storage Module

  5. Optional Wireless IP-Telephony Switch

  6. Optional Radar Module

  7. Optional Long-Range RFID Reader Modules

  8. Optional IP-Camera Switch Module

  9. IP67 Weatherproof Enclosure

  10. Optional High-Capacity Backup Battery

  11. Built-In Battery Health Monitor

  12. Xeleqt Aware Broadcast Messaging


  1. Yard Asset Management

  2. Smart City Router / Gateway

  3. Service Area Concentrator

  4. Outdoor Surveillance

  5. Vessel Sensor Networking

  6. Outdoor People Counting

  7. Emergency and Law-Enforcement Command and Control