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We started Xeleqt with a vision to provide real-time services for traditional businesses mostly deprived of opportunities that were forming during the birth of smart devices.  The co-founders, equipped with two borrowed computers, a small amount of cash and lots and lots of determination, waded through just about everything a small startup can possibly go through; pivoting from one product that was too early for its time and another that was too late. The only payoff we had over the years was that inexperience turned to experience. We have since been joined by a team of super-charged professionals who have toiled day and night to pursue the next level of change for our business. Facing tough times because of the global health and economic disruptions, we are prepared to always be on our best.  


We want to make it safe, simple, and economical for small to medium businesses to provision and operate hyper-localized online services for essential goods and services. 


At the same time, we want to help businesses acquire real-time insights about their daily operations so that they can make better decisions on how to optimize the use of these assets, reduce risk, monetize idling capacity, minimize the hazards to essential workers and increase revenue. 


We aspire to be the global leader in provisioning IOT-enabled application services for small to medium enterprises, articulated towards the safety and efficiency of essential workers, the security and integrity of products, and the health and well-being of customers

We aim to be the AWS for safe and sustainable online services for startups and small-to-medium businesses as they strive to be relevant and make an impact on the essential goods and services market.



We want to help traditional family businesses continue to thrive in the digital age so that pioneering owners can pass their legacy to their next generation, who may be more reluctant to take on the daily, dirty grind of operating a business without technology assisting them. We believe that technology is a great equalizer and bridge. And we would like to lead the way for change among the youth who are best suited to fuse technology with tradition and continue the heritage of service their parents built. Furthermore, we want to encourage young professionals to pioneer entrepreneurship in their family and to open new avenues of opportunity for their next generation.  


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